Our demand includes the main SSPs in the market.


We have national deals with several agencies.

payment terms

Payment is net 30 and can be through wire transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin.

account manager

You are assigned an exclusive account manager.

pricing models

We offer revshare, fixed CPM, or a fixed monthly sum for 100% of the traffic.

types of inventory

Any type of inventory is accepted: Display, Video, Rich Media, In-App or Native

IAB standard sizes

We have demand for all IAB standard formats.

brand protection

Your competitors or any undesired content can be excluded from the demand.


Each member of our ad ops team has more than 10 years of experience in the digital advertising realm. We use this experience to optimize and analyze, ensuring that we get the most profit out of the inventory.

We are also very flexible with our terms, adapting to fit publishers' different needs. Below you can find a slideshow presentation of what our integration process is like.


Our customer service will take you through the process of integration, once this is done the tech team will take care of the rest.


We will make sure that the inventory is being monetized at it's most efficient. Our company thrives on good results.

Each of the metrics will be measured and monitored by our ad ops specialists to spot patterns and apply creative solutions.

Maybe you're not satisfied with what you're currently making off your inventory, or maybe you just want to explore new options.

Either way, you can reach out to Excellence Advertising, our contact information is on the bottom of every page.

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operative meeting